We offer a bunch

We have many different things that you may want to use, because of different situations and stuff. I don't know, maybe you're a school, or a teacher, or a courtroom. Whoever you are, and whatever your needs, we have services available to suit them well. Pay us now?

This be the stuff we make offer you


This is when you have a person, and that person doesn't speak English, but you only speak English, so we send you someone who speaks their language, and they interpret what they say, albeit, verbatim.


This is the term you probably use for the last example, but you're oh so wrong. Translating involves the written word, like documents, and also different documents, and for my third example: documents


OPI or Over-the-Phone-Interpreting is great for all you COVID-conscious folks out there. Call us, tell us the language, and we'll hook you up with a really cool person who speaks that language. Or a nerd, if you'd prefer.


VRI or Video-IDon'tKnowWhatTheRStandsForMaybeRecording-Interpreting is similar to OPI, but with the power of that magical box you're viewing this site through, you can also see their face. Pretty neat.

Frequently Asked Questions


Aren't interpreters and translators the same?

No. I already went over this. Stop asking.

What if my son only speaks Klingon?

Conlangs, such as Klingon, Elvish or Dothraki are rich and vibrant languages. Sadly, we do not have any interpreters who speak them at this time. Perhaps try communicating with him via memes. For some dank ones, visit r/dankmemes/

Another question?

Another answer.

Do you serve food?

Yes, but only peach flavored yogurt, and only to people with a Blockbuster rewards card.

How much does your neck hurt right now?

Enough to punch Yahweh for inventing necks.