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ARCH Language Network is a premier provider of comprehensive language communication services for the Twin Cities, Greater Minnesota, and beyond. Our services include interpretation, translation, and transcription as well as interpreter training, cultural awareness and diversity training.

Company History

ARCH Language Network first opened its doors in January of 1999 to provide interpreting services for newly arrived African refugees and immigrants to Minnesota. In 2002, after three years of diligently working with this community, we expanded our language capacity and began providing interpretation and translation services for limited-English speakers of all linguistic and cultural backgrounds. We consistently keep track of new and undiscovered languages that need our assistance with interpreting and translation.

ARCH Language Network Today

Today, ARCH Language Network specializes in nearly 50 world languages face-to-face. We also support over 100 languages for language interpreting and translation. Our interpreters, translators and transcriptionists work in collaboration with hospitals, clinics, counties, schools, social service agencies and legal services in the Twin Cities region as well as throughout the state of Minnesota. While our services and language catalog have expanded, we have remained steadfast in our founding mission—“To provide excellent and culturally competent interpreting and translation services to organizations that serve limited-English speakers.”

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