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Each interpreter we send out to a customer site is qualified and trained to provide excellent service and abide by ARCH Language Network's policies and procedures as well as the interpreter's Code of Ethics. 

Who are our interpreters? Most of them have at least one or more of the following educational credentials:

  1. High School Diploma
  2. College Education or Bachelor's Degree
  3. Master's Degree
  4. Doctorate Degree
  5. University of Minnesota of Continuing Education, Interpretation and Translation Department Certificate
  6. Court Roster and/or Court Certified
  7. Medical Background Careers
  8. Interpreter Background Careers

To join our interpreter network, an interpreter is required to complete the following steps:

  1. Complete our application process.
  2. Completed background check
  3. Complete an interview with our staff.
  4. Successfully complete terminology testing.
  5. Attend a free eight hour orientation and training.

What do we do for the interpreters:

  1. One full day New Interpreter Orientation.
  2. An array of ongoing interpreter continuing education programs such as The Community Interpreter (TCI).
  3. Scholarship fund for The Community Interpreter (TCI).
  4. Interpreters Appreciation Day in which we show our appreciation for their commitment, dedication and hard work.
  5. ARCH Annual Interpreters Conference (Recognition Ceremony for best performance interpreters).


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